To get your car MOT'd you need to use an approved MOT test centre. Only centres showing the blue sign with 3 white triangles can carry out your MOT.

All our MOT testers here at Ilkeston Car Sales are fully qualified VOSA (Vehicle and Operator Services Agency) engineers. You can be rest assured your vehicle will be in safe hands.

You can renew your MOT up to a month before it expires. The earliest date you can get your vehicle tested is printed on the pass certificate.

You can check the MOT status of your vehicle online by clicking on the following link: Check MOT Status

MOT Only £35

We can MOT your vehicle whilst you wait or, if you prefer, you can leave your vehicle with us and collect at a time of your convenience.

Classes 3 and 4

We charge only £35 for an MOT

Click the following link for further information regarding what is checked during the MOT of your vehicle: Car Parts Checked During MOT

MOT Changes May 2018

What vehicles are affected?
The changes will affect cars, vans, motorcycles and other light passenger vehicles.

What is happening to categories of faults?
Defects found during the MOT are now categorised as either dangerous, major or minor, depending on the type of problem and how serious it is.

Will my vehicle pass or fail?
Both "dangerous" and "major" defects are fails, whereas a "minor" defect is counted as a pass but should be repaired as soon as possible.
Major faults will need to be fixed before the car can pass its test but the driver is permitted to drive the car away to another garage to have the work done.
Dangerous faults, on the other hand, must have the fault fixed at the garage it was tested and must not be driven on public roads until it is.
Minor defects are similar to advisory notices on the old MOT test.

What about emissions from diesel cars?
Cars with a diesel particulate filter (DPF) will fail if the device has been tampered with or the tester can see smoke coming from the exhaust.
A new DPF costs around £1,000 and drivers could be fined £1,000 if their car doesn’t have one.

Will new items be tested during the MOT?
The testers will carry out a number of new checks, including where tyres are obviously under-inflated, if the brake fluid has been contaminated and whether brake pads or discs are missing.
There will also be closer attention paid to steering systems, reversing lights and brake discs. If the steering box appears to have a heavy leak or the reversing lights have blown bulbs or don’t work or the brake discs are “significantly and obviously worn” then the car will automatically fail.

Is the MOT certificate staying the same?
No, that has changed too. The new design lists defects under new categories in a bid to make them easier to understand.